Touhou Chronicles

Tales of the Two Immortals

Touhou Chronicles ~ Tales of the Two Immortals ~

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Game Introduction

A legend written by the persons of Hourais. A history for you to witness.


After Gensokyo was destroyed, the two immortals, Fujiwara no Mokou and Kaguya Houraisan, find themselves in a strange new world. So began their journey to find everyone else who still survives and approach their fate.


During their exploration of this new world, you’ll see various Touhou characters getting onto the stage. Recruit your favorite characters to take heroic fights against powerful rivals and discover the best way to win!


Awake your unique talents. Choose your own path to manage your fate! Be prudent, Be cautious, Be wise. And remember, everyone’s fate will depend on your choices.


Don’t forget to explore this world while focusing on your quest log. A side quest, a conversation, even a description of an item may reveal an unknown story of someone.


Anyway, enjoy this journey.


Game Demonstration

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