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Game Notice

The senond chapter of the Touhou Chronicles ~ Tales of the Two Immortals had been released.

If you have any problems about our game,please contact us here or join our discord~

Game resource

Second chapter

Ver 0.2.0

Download from Baidu Cloud(Key:7b2l)

Download from Google Drive

First chapter

Thank you for your support!
We found a problem that prevented the game music from being found , this problem may be due to different computer encoding.We will fix this issue in subsequent releases.But if you are Chinese player, it will not cause any problems.
For old version(ver 0.1.0),you can select GBK code to unzip files to solve it. Just do as the follow:
Open your Control panel——region——-Management——-language for non-Unicode programs——-change system location——Chinese(simplified), then restart your PC and re-unzip the game package again and run it.
You can also use other tools which can support GBK code to unzip files and run it.
For our latest version(ver 0.1.1), We have fixed this problem, you can read " read me " to know more.
Hope you can enjoy this game !

Ver 0.1.1

Download from Google Drive (Revision)

Ver 0.1.0

Download from Baidu Cloud (Key:8wxe)